ISP Static IP Internet Issues after reboot

  • ISP: Comcast Business Class
    5 Static IP
    Netgear ISP modem
    PFsense SG-2440 "Netgate"

    I have a weird issue with my setup. Currently i have 5 static IP, currently have to keep the ISP's modem dhcp on in order for internet to pass through to the clients.

    I set the static ip on the wan and it works but after about 3 months or so it fails, i would have to switch the WAN back to dhcp on the pfsense it will grab the internal "LAN" ip address from the ISP's modem of then internet works i would also be able to switch back to my WAN static ip and the client's would have internet still. But I would have to toggle between the two for it to work.

    But on the other hand if the pfsense is ever rebooted i'd have to toggle between static ip and dhcp on the WAN for internet to pass through. I reboot remotely then i'm done no internet. At first I thought it was hardware but I had a custom pfsense box running then i switched over to the SG-2440 but it still is the same problem.

    I also worked with Comcast on setting the modem to "true bypass mode" which is their "bridge mode" for static ip but that just kills the internet for me all together so we had to switch it back.

    All the NAT for other static ip works fine other than that.

    Any clue on what i'm doing wrong here? Thanks ALL!!!

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