WAN vs VPN Routing

  • I've been trying to setup selective routing by selecting the GW in the FW rule.
    I have 1 WAN call it 108.x.x.x/24 from my ISP
    I have 1 VPN_1 call it 10.1.x.x/24 from my VPN provider.
    I create an interface for the VPN call it VPN_1, and add a gateway for that interface call it GW_VPN1. 
    I then create matching NAT rules for the VPN. 1 to match each of the automatically generated NAT rules.
    Finally I select the GW I want each FW rule to use from the advanced settings.
    I.E. Traffic from should use the WAN GW
    Traffic from should use the VPN GW
    This seems to work ok.

    However I add a second VPN call it 10.2.x.x/24
    Create another interface for it, call it VPN_2, and a gateway for it called GW_VPN2.
    I then create a GW group for the VPN's with WAN set to never

    This works as long as I want to route all traffic over the VPN. If I want to do a port forward on my WAN (not over the VPN) while the VPN is running, the port forward seems to always break.

    Is there something special with VPN's and port forwarding while selecting gateways?

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