Quick Config switch (Nat Gateway and Openvpn) how?

  • Hy,
    I realize Backup and restore is a possibility to switch between configs, but it does not include i.e. openvpn settings, when i backup "Nat" only.

    I suppose the Config Interface uses Post-Requests to make changes. Is it possible to make authenticated post-requests maybe via python to just switch a config. Where would the documentation for the requests be?

    Waht i want to achieve is: switch gateway in nat from x to y. i have multiple openvpn connections and i want to be able to quickly change the gateway between them. but i also have to connect one openvpn and disconnect the other, as my vpn provider gives all vpn the same subnet ip, which does not work if i have 2 vpn up both with 10.8.x.x.. sometimes i just need no openvpn gateway but wan-gateway. I mainly do the switching via "interfaces" by just changing the vpn connection of my openvpn-interface. when i switch to wan-gateway i disable the openvpn-gateway-nat rules and enable the wan-gateway-rules.

    I would like to have a script that just does that.

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