How to setup one IP as bridged mixed with multiple NAT IP's

  • Here is what I have:

    xx.xx.111.2 –> xx.xx.111.30 (available public IP's)
    my PFSENSE box is at 111.2
    Data Center's IP: 111.1

    I have the IP's 3 ->30 set as 1:1 NAT  (public IP on one side of the PFSENSE box, and private IP on the inside).  This is working fine, and I have all ports from each IP port mapped through through firewall rules.

    **What I NEED to do (based on a very particular client need):

    I want to pass through the IP address xx.xx.111.30 to a server with it's own firewalling setup.**

    I currently have 4 NIC's on the PFSENSE box and am running the most current PFSENSE version 2.4.2
    NIC 1: WAN
    NIC 2: LAN (where all the NAT servers connect through)
    NIC 3: OPT (want to use this for the above scenario)
    NIC 4: OPT (not used)

    _**In plain text, I want to directly pass all traffic to the server, which will be BY ITSELF on my rack and that server will have a public IP address.

    WAN side (xx.xx.111.30) -> through OPT interface to server with public IP xx.xx.111.30 in it's static IP setup.  That server MUST have the IP address as a PUBLIC IP.**_
    I am trying to avoid asking the data center to split out that one IP address into it's own block as I will get charged for that.

    I believe that I need to setup a bridge but I don't know the exact settings to use, and I don't want to mess up my existing config.

    I don't want to touch the other IP's 111.2 through 111.29.

    There is already a NAT map for 111.30 that I am sure will need to be removed, and a virtual IP that will probably need removing too, but I just don't know the proper way to config the bridge.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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