Deployment Advice - possibly VLANS ?

  • Hi

    Currently I'm running PfSense on an older 4 port box and I have the configuration as follows.

    Port 1 - WAN
    Port 2 - LAN  192.168.0.x
    Port 3 - Wifi  10.10.0.x
    Port 4 - NAS  172.16.0.x

    using rules within pfSense I have restricted access from the Wifi and NAS to LAN and back. Certain device can pass everything else is restricted.

    Within LAN I have a netgear VLAN switch which is currently doing Port based VLANS. 
    All devices can access the Internet but devices in ports 2, 3 & 4 can't access devices in 5, 6 or 7.
    port 1 is my Link to pfSense, port 8 can access any device.

    I've got an IPSEC VPN to one office and an openVPN to a remote server.
    All of the above is working and I've no issues… so I'd like to change it :)

    I've got a spare mini server that has 2x gigabit LAN ports and supports aes-ni so I'm wondering if that can be used.

    The idea is to use port 1 as my WAN link and port 2 as a link to my netgear switch.

    But what do I do from there. ?? Do I create VLAN's on pfSense and matching VLANs on the switch ?
    Can anyone advise on how to do this and if I can replicate my current setup and restrictions.


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