RRD Graph Quality tab ?

  • Hi,

    This is probably an easy question to answer so hopefully someone can help;

    On RRD Graph where does it get its ping information from ?

    Does it constantly ping an address ? or does it get the information from sites that are visted, i would have to guess it always pings as there is a constant stream of information in there.

    When i built my new box yesterday there was no information in Quality for a while and then for some reason it started to work as has been ever since.

    Thanks if you can helpĀ  :)

  • If anyone knows what gets pinged to get the information for RRD Graph tab - Quality i would appreciate the answer


  • It pings the WAN gateway but I can't remember how I know that - so I might be wrong.

    Google (cough, cough) for "pfsense rrd quality" points me to this thread as the first result:


    The above may have more information for you.

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