Squid traffic managment not saving changes..

  • Hello,
      I got pfsense 1.2 box with squid ver. installed along with other packages (lightsquid, ntop, bandwidthd..etc)
        and am having problem getting squid to save its traffic managment settings, i have to click "save" everytime  i reboot the box
        for throttling to take effect, otherwise no throttling occurs..

    any suggestions or workaround?
          thanks in advance.

  • Well, reinstalling the squid package fixed the problem, maybe a corrupted conf. file or something.

  • Problem is back again for some reason.. well, i tried to restart squid after a reboot to force it to reread squid.conf and reapply settings with no use, also tried to kill it with (squid -k kill) but that also didnt help, same for (squid -k reconfigure)..

    The only thing works is as i said before, to click "save" in gui..
    anyone knows a workaround for this?!
      thanks again..

  • Did you manually edit the squid.conf or squid.inc at some point?

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