Correct settings for Active Directory IPV6 comcast internet?

  • Hi,

    I think I have this set up right as far as IPV4, but I am not sure what to do with IPV6:

    in pfSense:
    disable dhcp server
    disable dns forwarder/ dns (in general settings)
    disable dns resolver

    Interface ipv6 settings:
    dhcp6 (WAN)
    track interface (LAN)
    block private and loopbacks (WAN)
    send ipv6 prefix hint (WAN)
    resolution /64  (WAN) (it's a residential connection)
    prefix id 0 (LAN)

    Firewall rule:
    Echo request from ICMPv6

    This setup seems to be working pretty well, as far as the internet is concerned. gives me a 19/20 (in their eyes all I'm missing is a DDNS name for my WAN, apparently).

    However, my domain controllers complain that I do not have static IPV6 addresses.  I have very limited understanding of IPV6 so far, can anyone give me an idea of what I should do?

    Thank you so much,

  • Essentially, on IPv6, like IPv4, you don't have a static address, unless specifically assigned.  However, you do have what should be very consistent address.  IPv6 used DHCPv6-PD, which assigns your prefixes.  It shouldn't normally change, though it is possible.

  • Had a similar question myself, still doesn't seem to be any generally accepted "best practices".

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