• I am running the latest pfsense, with WAN1-4Mbps and WAN2-3.5Mbps monitoring gateway is google dns, They are all on the same tier and also configured LAN to use the dual wan as gateway.

    The Problem is sometime the i get 7Mbps(load balancing is working), but most of the day i get speed of only WAN1 only.

    I expect it to be on LOAD BALANCING at all times.

    Is there anything i can do to lock the two permanently!!!!

  • If you really think you're getting 7Mbps, then you don't understand how the loadbalancer works.

    It balances connections, not bandwidth.
    The max you will ever get is 4Mbps.

    The overall bandwidth, when you have lots of connections open and multiple clients connecting, may approach 7.5Mbps.

  • Thank you for quick reply ,

    all along i thought it doubles the speed just like what mikrotik does.

    now how do i test to make sure it balances the load evenly across interfaces?

  • I have managed to get 8.5Mbps.

    :) :) :)

    the problem was on squid!!!!

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