Bandwidth limits per interface

  • Hi all,
    i need to limit the bandwidth of my 2 wan connections because if used at 100% they loose stability.
    I followed this How To , I enabled traffic shapers for any interface, as described on the tutorial first step:

    Go to Firewall > Traffic Shaper
    Remove any traffic shaper queues if some are configured.
    For every WAN interface listed in the Traffic Shaper:

    • Click on "Enable/disable discipline and its children"
    • Keep the HFSC scheduler as HFSC is the only scheduler allowing children queues without any errors in pfSense 2.3-2.3.2 so far. Also, mixing different schedulers isn't working yet on pfSense. So even if you don't need any special subqueues on WAN links, you'll still need them on the LAN interface later.
    • The bandwidth parameter to set here is 95% of the measured upload speed:
        WAN1 = 9.8x0.95 = 9.3Mb
        WAN2 = 920x0.9 = 828Kb (we use a lower multiplier because the line isn't stable)
        WAN3 = 3.8x0.95 = 3.6Mb
    • Queue Limit and TBR Size are left empty unless you know exactly what you're doing
    • Click on Save

    Configuring the bandwidth parameter here is sufficient to enforce the upload speed of pfSense to the WAN modems.

    but unlike what it was written the upload speed is not limited!
    I tried to make limiters and apply them via firewall but no lucky at all.
    here attached there is my Wan traffic shaper, i tried to limit at 2mb but i still get the full speed (4mb).
    Am i doing something wrong?
    pfsense version 2.3.4
    ![wan shaper.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/wan shaper.png)
    ![wan shaper.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/wan shaper.png_thumb)

  • Did you manage to limit your upload using queue? I tried it but failed. can't limit the upload using queue.

  • I followed this tutorial to limit the bandwidth and its working on download, the problem is the upload I can't limit the upload. I don't know where do I limit the upload if I create on LAN subqueue or WAN subqueue. I manually created my queue in Firewall / Traffic Shaper / By Interface. Anyone how do I limit the upload? can you give me some sample? thanks in advance!

  • can't limit the upload. only working is download.

    found the tutorial here

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