PfSense bridging web server with port redirection

  • Hello to all,

    I would like to ask if is possible to implement a functionality for bridging a web server with port redirection (like old ISA Server functionality - attachment screenshot).
    Let's say that I have an internal web server published with squid reverse proxy. Internal (LAN) works only with HTTP (port 80), externally I want to access this web server using  https (port 443)

    I have already tried the squid reverse proxy redirect functionality, but it seems that redirect client to HTTP, I want the client to work on https (kind of port masking) and pfSense to "bridge" the port".

    Thanks in advance.

    ![isa server bridging.PNG](/public/imported_attachments/1/isa server bridging.PNG)
    ![isa server bridging.PNG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/isa server bridging.PNG_thumb)

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