Setup pfSense behind Cisco RV042G Dual WAN router

  • Hi Support,

    I've been recently working on deploying pfSense only for VPN behind our main office router Cisco RV042G and am hoping some of you guys here would be willing to shed some light on the best possible configuration for me.
    I did first setup pfSense as edge firewall/VPN/router but unfortunately VPN IPSec didn't work between pfSense and Cisco RV042G and wasn't able to resolve that issue. So I came up with decision to deploy pfSense behind cisco rv042G router and use it only for OpenVPN and VPN IPSec connections.

    I'm about to do the following setup:
    1. Connect pfSense WAN port to Cisco RV042G router WAN2/DMZ port
    2. Assign the following IP settings:

    Cisco RV042G LAN IP: static
    DHCP: on ( is our office main LAN)

    pfSense WAN IP: static
    DHCP: off

    pfSense LAN IP:
    DHCP: on (IP range from -

    3. Setup port forwarding on cisco rv042g router for IPSec and L2TP services to point to pfSense WAN IP

    Following the above setup I'd like to achieve the following goals:

    • establishing openvpn, vpn ipsec and vpn mobile connections to pfsense from outside
    • accessing our main office's LAN from pfSense LAN and other way around or to route the internal traffic between both LANs through pfSense

    The other reason I'm doing that is that I'd like to use pfSense as primary VPN server instead of Cisco RV042G VPN router because neither client to gateway vpn nor l2tp/ipsec and vpn ipsec to pfsense worked on cisco rv042g (note: there are vpn ipsec tunnels already configured on cisco rv042g to sonicwall NSA 2400 and other cisco rv340 router at our branch offices which are running ok but unfortunately no ipsec tunnel between pfsense and cisco rv042g router)

    Any help will be really appreciated.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    One of the best things I ever did was REPLACE Cisco/Linksys RV042s with pfSense.

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