MTU Settings

  • Hi guys,

    okay I just have finished my first pfsense Router installation with 2 WAN Interface (both with static IP's and different Subnet), 1 Lan Interface, 1 DMZ Interface (no Failover or MulitWan configured yet).
    And I don't know why, but if I go the WAN Interface A, all Internet pages are loading fine, but if I go over WAN Interface B, some page won't load and cancel loading after a while with a "Can't load page." in the browser, I even can not ping those page for instance from the pfsense browser interface nor from command line.
    So I think it is something with the MTU settings on the WAN Interface B, and after I didn't find something similar here in the forum (I even don't know if I'm posting this question in the right one), and want to know, how do i find the right MTU Settings for that Internet connection? Any suggestions would be great!!!
    As Hardware, I'm using a Intel Dual Network 1 GB Adapter.

  • uuaahhh, that was quick, and helped me at all!!! Thanks!!!!
    Problem solved!

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