SG-2220 completely unresponsive after power loss event

  • We experienced an extended power outage recently that outlasted our UPS, so our SG-2220 lost power without being shutdown gracefully. After power was restored, the SG-2220 was our only piece of gear that didn't come back. When it is powered on, the status light is immediately amber. About ~1/2 second later, the link lights and activity lights on both the WAN and LAN ports light up solid. There is no activity on the serial port nor either ethernet ports. Holding the reset button does nothing.

    Is there any hope the device isn't completely dead?

  • Galactic Empire

    Have you tried connecting to the console? It's likely file corruption which can be easily fixed. Here's how to run a file consistency check:

    1. Reboot your pfSense firewall and boot into Single User Mode by pressing '2' at the loader menu. It will boot to a question asking for a path to the shell, just press return to reach the # prompt.

    2. At the # prompt run the following command:
    /sbin/fsck -y /

    Run the fsck command at least 3-4 times; Repeat the command until no errors are reported, even if fsck claims the filesystem has been marked "clean".

    3. Reboot by running:  /sbin/reboot

    See if that helps. You will need to connect to console first, here's how to do that:

  • Yes, I said "serial port" where I should have more accurately said serial console. Nothing comes through the connection. I'm pretty sure I'm connecting up to it correctly, but I'll try against my working SG-2440 to be sure…

    Edit: Just hooked up successfully to the serial console on my SG-2440 at home. So if there's no console output on the 2220... anything to assume other than that it's dead?

  • Galactic Empire

    Please contact our support in that case so they can diagnose the unit and see if it's for RMA.

  • Think I've just killed my SG-2220.  May have quickly rebooted it and I can log in serially via console but when i come to either Multi or Single user, it boots but then rests with a still prompt and no amount of Return key presses permits anything at all.  Just wondering if there is any other remedial remedies before I shell out for a new replacement.

  • Try to re-install.
    If you get errors, try swapping the msata (or adding an msata if you were using the onboard flash)

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