First multi wan configuration

  • Hi all, i need some help configuring multi wan.
    I'm reaging the documentation.
    Here's what I've done:

    • configured the wan interfaces (WAN and WAN2).
    • Configured two gateways with a public ip ad monitor ip.
    • Created a gateway group

    1° question: the filed Group Name is empty and gray (it can't be changed).
    Am I missing something?

    2° question: now I'm at the step ' Firewall Rules'

    I don't get this:

    On Firewall > Rules, visit the tab for the internal interface to be used with the gateway group, either edit the existing pass rules and add the gateway setting, choosing the desired gateway, or add a new rule to match only certain traffic to direct into the gateway group. Remember that rules are processed from the top down, and once a rule is matched, processing stops.

    If I undertand correctly, a gateway group is not shown as a new interface.
    So if I wish to redirect a port, I have to add 2 rules, one for each of my wan interfaces (belonging to the gateway group).
    I don't get what is means 'add the gateway settings' and also the next sentence about 'direct into the gateway group.'.

  • I think I got it. The key word is 'internal interface': it means the LAN interface.
    So I have to edit the default LAN rule and set the gateway group instead of tge default gw.
    Yesyerday I've done that but something unexpected happened: all hosts on lan was unable to comunicate (ping each other).
    Some like that happens in case of loop in the switch.
    Monday I'll double check my configuration.
    My pfsense is installed on an alix (so physical, no virtual).
    All 3 nic are connected to the switcn amd I had no problem till I set the gateway group on the lan default rule.
    Any hint is wellcome.

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