1 WAN to 2 LAN - Port Routing Problem

  • Hello friends,

    First of all, I mean the production. I will tell you the problem that I experienced afterwards.

    Thank you for your interest.

    I created a system with 3 ethernet cards. On Pfsense 2.4.2 installed. Ethernet legs and ropes as follows.

    WAN - PPPOE (78.189.X.X)> HTTPS - 19753 & SSH 19574 (External access is available.)

    LAN -> DHCP ( - PCs are coming out by this network.

    CAM -> DHCP ( - Camera (NVR) is coming out by this network.

    In this case, when I create NAT by WAN (WAN> WAN address> 19753 Port> & WAN> WAN address> 19574 Port> I can access the pfsense device from outside with both https as webgui and I can do SSH with Putty.

    The problem I'm having here is port routing on the CAM side. When I make NAT to the CAM leg, I can not reach the ports on the CAM side and the jeeps outside. I write the following:

    WAN> WAN address> 23560 TCP Port>
    WAN> WAN address> 23561 TCP Port>
    WAN> WAN address> 23562 UDP Port>

    In other words, I can access LAN LAN from outside by WAN. But I can not access the CAM leg by the WAN. But there is an exit from CAM by the interne. Any PC can be output directly internete.

    I would like your assistance in this regard. I could not find any information on my research. 2 WAN to 1 LAN operations are available everywhere.

  • Are you able to access the cam by its internal IP from a PC in the LAN network?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Probably the default gateway in the camera.


  • Hello friends,

    We solved the problem. Thank you very much for your help with Derelict  :).

    The gateways of NVRs are located at I have updated


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