Using my bandwidth but only getting half of it

  • Hello everyone,

    First question here, so don't hesitate in tell me I did something wrong  :)

    So, I setup pfSense on a VM today, and now that's it's setup, I proceeded to do a speed test, to see the impact.

    Turns out pfSense uses all the ~900Mbps I have while downloading, but my computer only gets 400Mbps…? For the upload, it doesn't use all the bandwidth neither, but this time it shows the same values on both sides.

    Is there anything I forgot to setup that does this?

    I've added the photos so you can see what I'm trying to say  :D

    Thank you,

  • Top reading is PEAK and bottom reading is AVERAGE? A VM will impose overhead and/or allocate PART of the resource to one VM, not the whole shebang u wish. :)  Maybe this is configurable but there are so many VM out there, I wouldn't know where to tell u to click.

  • As far as I remember, the speedtest's results are the peak results, not an average  :) But you're probably right… The VM could be taking overhead, but I was very surprised that it was taking over two times the peak of the speed test!  :P

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