Basic non firewalled multiwan config query/confirmation

  • Hi,

    After following the multiwan/loadbalancing/failover 1.2 guide what needs to be done is to turn this firewall into a "bridged" like router. I have 3 WAN and want full open access inbound/outbound on all external interfaces as I have an ISA firewall in front of this, which we'll eventually migrate to squid/pfsense once I learn the finer points. The modems/routers are configured as DMZ so I have full access at that point, but not through pfsense.

    Any ideas? Any tutorials that my search skills cannot find?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I am not sure if I follow you.
    You can't have a "bridged" like router. It's either a bridge or a router. The only thing you can have with pfSense is a filtering bridge, which is not like a router.

    Now, you have three WANs. How do they terminate? Are they IP blocks or just single IPs per WAN? You have three ISA firewalls or all WANs plug into the ISA machine? Where do you want to place your pfSense? Behind ISA?

    Actually, what exactly are you trying to accomplish and what is your current setup?

  • Thanks and apologies for the lack of info/clarity.

    There is only one ISA firewall and this is what I want:

    LAN –> ISA --> pfSense (3 WAN) --> internet

    I basically would like the ISA firewall to handle firewall/filtering, and the pfsense to act as an open router to the firewall. So if I decided to connect a client directly to pfsense such as:

    client --> pfsense; I would expect unfiltered access to the net without any protection but still have loadbalancing. Is this any clearer?

    The WANs are terminated as IPs from adsl modem/routers.

    Thanks again.

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