Client VPN connection not able to resolve

  • Posting this here since it has to do with client VPN connections going out.  Currently, there are two people in an office using the connection.  One is juniper pulse client, no issues connecting out and getting access to internal sites.

    The second client is using a cisco client and can establish the connection, but cannot resolve any of their internal sites (medical corp) like

    I can also connect into this pfsense install with the openvpn client on it and browse around normally behind this firewall.  So I'm confused on how one client cannot seem to get out from the connection once it's established to their internal sites, when others can using different VPN connections/clients.

    pc 1 -> pulse vpn client -> pfsense - > INTERNET -> corporate site (works)
    pc 2 -> cisco anyconnect - >pfsense -> INTERNET - > medical records site will not load, but VPN is established.

    Is this an issue of DNS not being allowed or something?

    I also just tested from that machine, VPN client connected and can ping the IP in question, just won't open the webpage.

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