LAN: 1GBE & 10GBE. LAGG or bridge?

  • I have 2 NICs (intel+chelsio) paired with 2 switches (2960g+lb6m) and am trying to work out the best way to connect everything together on one network where the 1gbe is failover for the 10gbe.

    the main choices seem to be a failover LAGG (maybe loadbalance?), or bridging them together
    I currently have the lb6m connected directly to the cisco

    what i'm kind of looking for is a LAGG vs bridge analysis for LAN connection, but haven't been able to find one

    kind of a poor mans switch with all ports active
    might be outperformed by real switch (connections would be going across PCIE bus)
    doing what I want would make a switched loop, and would rely on the switches detecting and breaking the loop and then unbreaking it if something dies
    can edit the bridge online without the connection being disconnected?

    no switched loop with failover
    loadbalance could be available, but will it use the fastest link every time?
    editing the lagg disconnects LAN network?

    I have a long term goal of trying to get CARP/host failover working, would one of these work more seamlessly?

    I have dual WAN failover setup, what, if any, ways does that complicate dual LAN?

    2960g - pfsense 1gbe - wan

    2960g - pfsense 1gbe - wan
    lb6m - pfesnse 10gbe - wan

  • :'(

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