Will this pfSense?

  • I was looking for a low power build for my router and was suggested J3355B which seems like a great choice, but I also came across this:

    ftp://ftp.ibase.com.tw/productdatasheet/Embedded Computing Catalog/Motherboards/MI811_Datasheet.pdf

    It uses Pentium N4200 as SoC and provides dual-intel i211 LAN, so it would save me the $35-$40 bucks on getting an additional Intel PCI-E card. Does anybody have any idea if this board would work? The details of the board are in the datasheet. It can also be available with a Celeron 3350 as well and there is an option to get one with a 12-24V DC in – which would be perfect to use with an adapter saving me an additional $30 bucks on PicoPSU.

    I have already contacted them for a price quote since I didn't find the board on Amazon or Newegg. But I wanted to get a feel for whether this would work with pfSense. I am concerned because it lists it as an embedded system and I am not sure if I will have to use the embedded version of pfSense or not.

    My use cases are:

    • VPN Client

    • VPN server – so that I can get to my machine when away from home

    • Basic pfBlocker – to block access to unwanted sites from my network

    • DHCP server for my local network

    • Firewall

    Supermicro also has a board with Pentium N4200 : https://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/X11/X11SAA.cfm
    but I cannot find that on Amazon or Newegg either. :(

    Edit: Never mind, I found X11SAA on Amazon and Newegg by another name that this board goes by (A2SAV but with an Atom processor). But the board is for $300 making it a very expensive pfSense router once you add in RAM + case etc. Still cannot find the X11SAA with pentium N4200. But looking at the price of the Atom board, my guess is that the Pentium board will be equivalent if not more in price.

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