Will an Intel Atom D2500 fit my needs?

  • I have access to a fully functional Atom D2500CCE nearly free, and I'm wondering if I can use this to fit my needs. I've no experience with pfSense (or anything like it), I just like to experiment and learn new things.

    We're a small family household, with just a standard Asus-router doing all the work; one server, two laptops, two phones, Smart TV/Playstation4 and the occational guests. We have a 100/100 connection. The router is connected to WAN through PPPoE (bridged modem). In the basement I'm running a NAS-box on Windows that mostly downloads torrents and sorts it, and then we watch it through Plex. The NAS-box is running the PrivateInternetAccess VPN software.

    Mostly what I want to do is play around and learn something new while at it, and I'm wondering if the hardware I'm looking at is enough to run all torrent-traffic from the NAS through VPN (one question here being AES-NI and it's necessity) and serve the rest of the houses normal routing needs?

    I'm sure the questions have been answered before in some form or other, but everyone has different hardware, different needs and different connections. I was mostly uncertain about the VPN-performance.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Netgate Administrator

    It won't do 100Mbps OpenVPN (which probably what you're asking about). Maybe 60-70Mbps.

    Without AES-NI it won't run pfSense 2.5 when it's released but that won't be for some time and 2.4.X will be supported for 1 year after that.

    Hey, if it's close to free then give a try and find out.  :)


  • It is hard to beat free. If this is your first experience with pfsense go ahead and try it, it can handle 100/100 without issues.

    If the NAS box has its own vpn client just leave it like that, the D2500 will struggle to handle those numbers.

  • To be quite honest, in terms of the VPN-performance, security is more important than speed. Where I live its 4 in the morning when the US TV-shows hit the net, so the speed is quite irrelevant as I won't watch anything until after work the following afternoon. My PIA-client is experiencing random drops I cant get rid of, and I figured with pfSense having a reputation for being stable and reliable, I'd have a go at letting pfSense sorting out the VPN-traffic for the NAS.

  • ONLY if it's ALL FREE, if you have to throw stuff at it to make it functional, case, psu, NIC boards…

  • I've been using a system based on an Atom 2550 (essentially a 2500 with hyperthreading) for about 2 years with no problems. Its currently handling 40Mbit/5Mbit DSL circuit. It also runs OpenVPN (for remote access) and ntopng.


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