SQUID and Gateway Groups

  • Hey,

    a short Question. I'm currently experimenting with SQUID as a transparent proxy. I have a remote site which have 2 LTE Modems because no other wired possibility. I configured them as a GW Group both Tier1 with sticky connections.

    Everything fine as long as Squid is not involved. As soon as squid transparent is enabled it seems everything from squid is only going out on WAN1, not even the default route; because if I disconnect WAN1 and WAN2 is still there, everything transferred over Squid (Port 80 http) isn't reachable at all. 443 https (because not going through squid) is working fine.

    Is there any way to make squid using the GW Group?

    What I am doing wrong?

    Thanks for Ideas.

  • Hi, did you find solution for it ? Or I just have to use tcp_outgoing_address directive in the custom options and manually rewrite IP in case of primary wan fail ?

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