FS: Alix router with wireless (model alix2c3)

  • This item is has been sold

    I am moving from my embedded setup to a full PC setup and am interested in selling my Alix gear. The list price when I bought it was about $245 for all the components listed below (less than a year ago). See the image below. I also have a black enclosure for it as listed below.

    If you're interested in purchasing it, please make an offer.

    1 alix2c3 ALIX.2C3 system board
    1 case1c2red Enclosure 3 LAN, red
    1 case1c2blk Enclosure 3 LAN, black
    2 cf1024dp CompactFlash card 1024MB
    1 pigsma Pigtail cable I-PEX -> reverse SMA
    1 antsma Antenna reverse SMA
    1 wlm54g23 Compex WLM54G23 miniPCI card

  • $100 + Shipment

    3 Question
    Where are you located?
    With power supply?
    Working :)?

  • Make it $150 and I'll include shipping and you have a deal.

  • Is this still available? I've been looking for a deal on this exact setup for a while now, and my ole pII is getting a bit long in the tooth (and acting a bit flakey).

    Two questions:
    Is there a usb port hiding to the right of the ethernet (stupid usb only ups:( )?
    Again, is there a power adapter included?

    Yes on that first question and I'll definitely be more than happy to spend 150 shipped.

  • Thanks for the reply. In answer to your question, yes, there are 2 USB ports hiding under the hole on the right. Yes as well to the question of a power supply being included. Sorry for not mentioning that.

    The nice thing about this setup is that it comes with 2 CF cards (one loaded with freedos for flashing the bios) and also 2 cases (red and black).

    I'll shoot you a PM as well.

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