Protocol distribution and graphs

  • Hi all

    I'm trying to reacht the following:

    We have several remote sites that are connected and maintained by an ISP. We currently do not have any reporting etc about the traffic between the sites.

    For the last couple of weeks we had some very slow connections. We could buy additional firewalls put them in transparant mode and monitor the bandwith, but we would use pfsense for that now :-).

    Is it possible to graph the bandwith for a period of time, make reports. But also for the protocol distribution. (ex. rdp %, http % etc. …)

    If someone could point me out some resources, i would gladly make some kind of howto on the tutorials page here.

    Thx and keep up the good work!

  • Status –> RRD Graphs ;)

    For protocol distribution there is another installable package imo. just dont remember which one displayed that.

  • thx for the reply.

    Just installed pfsense today, saw the graphs, but i don't remember if you could make reports etc.

    As for the other, installable packets, will look for this tomorrow and how to do it :-)

    Will post an update of the progress here…

  • Tried to install something, but getting the error unable to communicate with

    Hower pings work, so no gateway or dns isues.

    Does anybody knows what could be the problem here?


  • Been spending the last 3 hours finding a solution why i can't install the packages.

    Anyone that could give me some pointers?


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