Traffic shaping config advice - queue bandwidth config

  • I have a pfsense box setup to be used in a hotel environment to provide a guest internet service. The system works really well in this setup (utalising the captive portal and MySQL to manage access etc).

    Recently we have noticed that the speed of the services seems quite slow. When we first put the box in we were impressed, but now notice that perhaps the quality/speed isnt what we were aiming for. I was looking at a typical busy time in the evening yesterday and I could see the main queue used for http/https traffic to sit at around 150-170Kb/s = around 12KB/s –> quite slow.

    Anyway, the issue I have is that I did 'tune' the traffic shaper rules initially to what I thought was right, but recently wondering if this is actually right for my setup. (aiming to simply prioritise http/https traffic and VoIP over p2p traffic)

    Again, I am trying to prioritise http/https/vpn traffic over p2p traffic. Can anyone provide any advise on the rules I am using as below ?

    Bandwidth Type Priority Linkshare Realtime UpperLimit Attached to
    qwanRoot     18432 Kb 1
    qlanRoot     18432 Kb 1

    qwanAcks         25 % 7           ----           10%           ----         qwanRoot
    qlanAcks         25 % 7           ----           10%          ----           qlanRoot

    qVOIPUp         25 % 7         1024Kb 512Kb 2048Kb qwanRoot
    qVOIPDown         25 % 7         1024Kb 512Kb 2048Kb qlanRoot

    qOthersUpH  25 % 6         3072Kb 1024Kb 4096Kb qwanRoot
    qOthersDownH 25 % 6         3072Kb 1024Kb 8192Kb qlanRoot

    qwanDef           5 % 3         1024Kb 512Kb 1536Kb qwanRoot
    qlanDef           5 % 3         1024Kb 512Kb 1536Kb qlanRoot

    qOthersUpL         10 % 2         1024Kb 256Kb 2048Kb qwanRoot
    qOthersDownL    10 % 2         1024Kb 256Kb 2048Kb qlanRoot

    qP2PUp           2 % 0         256Kb 128Kb 320Kb qwanRoot
    qP2PDown         10 % 0         720Kb 512Kb 1024Kb qlanRoot

    http/https/vpn(IPsec etc) --> qOthersH
    dns/smtp/pop etc --> qOthersL
    low delay queue --> qVoIP
    Catch all --> qP2P

    We tested the connection to be around 2MB/s up and down (hence the 18432Kb figure)

    Any advise on this would be great - to be honest I have read and read the forums and cant find a concise explanation on how everything fits together in the traffic shaper. I assume I have configured this correctly, but feels more like an educated guess at the moment.

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