Problem using WiFi Hotspot for Failover

  • I want to use an OpenWRT router as a hotspot wifi client then relayd to an ethernet port for connection to pfsense as a failover.

    I first set it up and tested with a laptop connected to ethernet port to the relay router and it worked fine.

    But I'm stumped as to why pfSense shows it being online but won't failover. (Caveat, I'm not a network engineer.) Dashboard shows both interfaces as Online with 9% loss.

    I Unchecked <enable default="" gateway="" switching="">in System->Advanced->Misc and have a gateway group defined as:
    System->Routing->Gateway Groups
    Name Gateways Priority
    Failover OPT1 Tier 2 #this is the hotspot
    WAN Tier 1 #normal WAN

    If I unplug WAN and go to Diagnostics->Ping with Source:Automatic, it times out. If I change Source:OPT1 (the hotspot) it works fine.

    Could it be some kind of routing problem? I'm stuck on where to look or how to diagnose the problem.</enable>

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