PPPoE Timeout

  • Hey there, folks. First of all, sorry for any grammar errors, I'm not a native english speaker. I am new here, been stalking for some years always I needed some advice beyond the official docs, but now I am posting this question, as I cannot find a solution to my problem anywhere on the Internet.
    I have a PPPoE WAN, but my ISP got some problem with timeouts on the PPPoE authentication. They have their own VDSL modem wich I cannot replace for my own, and the modem is set to work on bridge with an ISP related VLAN ID of 150, wich they use internally to keep my public IP always the same.
    Problem is, if I rely on the ISP for changing the modem to a different model I will lose some precious time, days, maybe weeks, and a lot of headache with hour long phone calls to the ISP. So, I decided to try to fix the problem without the need to replace the modem. I am quite sure that changing the authentication timeout config on the PPP daemon could solve this problem, but I was unable to figure out how to that on pfsense.
    I live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro state, my ISP is Live TIM, enterprise plan, if someone who happens to have the same problem needs this info.
    So if someone could help with that, configuring PPPoE client daemon to wait some seconds more before retrying the connection, that would be great!

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