Mikrotik + pfsense

  • Hello everyone , i searched information about one howto but i didnt get one.
    For that i ask all if someone have one howto // tutorial about mikrotik with one pfsense .
    I want it in order to use it as proxy and bloq some webs .

    Thanks for the support .

  • For that i ask all if someone have one howto // tutorial about mikrotik with one pfsense .

    No, I very much doubt it.  You're just trying to chain two routers together?

    Perhaps if you explained what you are trying to accomplish…?

  • My schema is :
    MODEM===MIKROTIK===Switch–-my computers 

    Sorry if its very confused. I want use one mikrotik as firewall + pfsense as proxy in order to bloq webs.
    I want put together but i dont know how .

    I saw one indonesian post (I try to translate) but the schema its the same , you can see better the image here https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=41788.0.

    I try to explain all if you dont understand me. Thanks for all.

  • This is possible.  Install pfSense and configure your single NIC as the WAN.  You won't be able to use transparent mode with the proxy, only explicit mode.  That means you will either have to configure WPAD, or manually set the proxy for all of your LAN clients.

  • @ElementHelios:

    I want use one mikrotik as firewall

    Any specific reason behind this?

  • Thats the question , im new with that networks .
    I ask for one tutorial or help because i dont know how take it , if you know something or you saw one post about this configuration . I tell you that the Indonesian post its the only "data" that i have for mikrotik + pfsense .

  • I watched it , but i need it with one mikrotik , sooo thats the same post.
    How can i place it together and make it work, thats the question.
    I know that it works because i saw it , but not one tutorial .

  • This is not a new scenario ,most of time you need to "redirect" the traffict that goes to the ports 80/443 to the PFSense that must be connected to a DMZ or some like this on your Mikrotik Firewall.

    Other aproach is to setup manualy or with a WPAD file your clients to navigate via the Proxy on the PFSense Box.

    You need to do a try and fail process if you do not have the full answer. Is very similar to user thunder cache or other cache solutions.


  • Thankss mate , i try it .

  • @elementhelios Dear, did you get the solution to integrate mikrotik with pfsense? I'm searching for the same solution and I still have not tried it.

  • Netgate Administrator

    So just trying to use pfSense as a Squid proxy?

    Transparently or clients pointing at it directly?


  • I have a Mikrotik router/switch. I set it up this way with excellent results:

    [ISP Gear]<--->[pfSense]<--->[Mikrotik]<--->LAN

    The Mikrotik is set up as a bridged switch in this configuration. There is no need to set up the Mikrotik as a router at all.

  • @stephenw10 Exactly, I want pfsense only as a proxy. Matting Mikrotik as the main router, because I have specific settings in it.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Well that's no problem, just install pfSense with one interface and install Squid on it. Though you might consider running Squid just on FreeBSD instead if you don't need everything else that pfSense brings.

    If you want to run transparently you need port forwards in Mikrotik to redirect traffic to it. Otherwise you need to configure clients to use it directly.


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