Traffic shaping and multi wan prioritization help

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    I would like to set priority to certain applications: VoIP, certain websites, applications, etc.

    I have WAN1 and WAN2 set for failover, but instead of WAN2 just being idle in case of a failover, I would like it to help traffic out.  I also have a single LAN.

    I'm not sure if load balancing is the correct term, but I would like all traffic from VoIP through WAN1, as well as our CRM, and some applications.  All non-essentials will go through WAN2 (facebook, youtube, etc).  In the event of a failure, I would like WAN2 to prioritize VoIP instead and ignore the rest of the non-essentials.

    Can someone point me to the correct direction on how to get this setup?

  • I think you want a combination of Gateway Groups, Policy Routing, and then Traffic Shaping.

    Addressing Shaping first, it looks like you just need a ruleset prioritizing VoIP on WAN2 traffic.

    VOIP, CRM/"some applications" then needs to be identified, and routed to your Gateway Group (which then fails to WAN2).

    Then "All non-essential" can be pushed to WAN2 via default routing.

  • Thanks, I'll give that a go.

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