IPV6 Out range

  • LAN interface will receive an out range ipv6 address. I get this address 2600:8801:1d00:de5e:38d3:caff:feef:411e but valid address would be 2600:8801:1d00:de50:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx.

  • Why do you think it's out of range?  How big is your prefix?  What IPv6 Prefix ID have you used?

  • If i try a static ipv6 address on my phone with 2600:8801:1d00:de5e::8444 i cant connect to the internet when connected to my ISP modem via wifi. But I try this ipv6 address 2600:8801:1d00:de50::8444 i can go on the internet with ipv6 address.

    My prefix is 64 from my isp

    My prefix id is 0

  • Why are you using a static configuration?  Normally, automatic address assignment using SLAAC works fine.  Also, I would expect 2600:8801:1d00:de5e::8444 to fail, as :de5e is outside of the /64 prefix that works.  If you only have a single /64 prefix, then everything has to be within 2600:8801:1d00:de50::

    On my network, I get a /56 from my ISP.  I select prefix ID 0 for my main LAN and a couple of others for a test LAN and OpenVPN.  I can choose from any of the 256 /64s I get in my /56.

  • MY ISP gives /60. the dhcp6 server on my modem gives out /64 address. I was using a static ipv6 address to prove a point. I do track the wan to lan for ipv6 but the problem is the the ipv6 address is out range for the LAN side. the lan ipv6 address is 2600:8801:1d00:DE5E:38d3:caff:feef:411e. My WAN is 2600:8801:1d00:de50:844f:14ff:feed:c1a. I dont know why went I track the the interfaces the ipv6 address is out of range for the LAN side.

  • Why do you think the WAN address should be within your /60?  With that /60, you can have up to 16 LANs with a /64 prefix within 2600:8801:1d00:DE50 - 2600:8801:1d00:DE5E.  Normally, with IPv6, the ISP will assign a WAN address that is outside of your prefix.  That is certainly the case here.  Also, you don't actually need a routeable address on the WAN port, as routing, in IPv6, is normally done over the link local addresses.  The routeable address on the WAN interface would only be used for management and diagnostics.

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