Virtual IP help needed pls ….

  • I currently have one LAN gateway, and it is /24.
    I also have “Load Balancing” and “Failover” setup for the two modems.

    I would like to be able to make WAN1 the “preempt”, because when it switches over to the WAN2 IP, none of the rules I set for WAN1 work anymore.
    Since I have a dns pointing to my WAN1's IP, when WAN2 takes over WAN1, none of my firewall rules work.

    Question 1:
    Anybody know how to setup my WAN1 as a higher priority or preempt?
    If not possible.

    Question 2:
    Would it be possible to setup a “virtual gateway” instead to resolve the issue?
    If so, how do I setup a virtual gateway for one router and two WAN’s?

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