PfSense throughput with Atom x7-E3950?

  • There are lots of other factors (such as NIC chipset), but from a CPU perspective, what's the general opinion on the Atom x7-E3950? Looking to make a Gigabit-capable pfSense to replace my DC2500 based system.

    I can just by the SG-3100 and likely will, but this chip has got me interested as I could use a common platform for other projects as well.  i was also looking at Celeron J3455 based system.


  • @bplein

    Can you provide instructions or a diagram of where to solder the RS232 cable?  I have been unable to find any info on this and need to get a console session to see why it won't boot.

  • Netgate Administrator

    This seems completely unrelated to the first post. How is this relevant?  ???


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