Pfsense 2.0 on Soekris net 5501

  • I installed a recent image of 2.0 on a soekris net5501 (Don't have the version with me now or I would mention it) and I have noticed that the web interface seems very slow.  I will click on the WAN interface on the Dashboard and firefox would just sit and say waiting for site.  Is this normal?  I did notice after installing that I had a red error light on my net5501 and I seem to be having difficulty with the WAN port.  The light is dim and I can send traffic through it.  I have disabled the Firewall since I am just testing everything out and wanted to get the basic network down before playing around with all the options.

    I guess I am just asking if anyone is having similar problems with the speed of the webinterface or if it is just because my box is screwy

  • Fixed my problem… just went back to factory defaults and started from scratch.  For some reason the first time it came up I never got the Wizard, but after a factory restore it came up and everything started working correctly.  I did get some unusual errors about readonly, since it is a embedded device and a random reboot in the middle of booting up, but it eventually came up and I was able to configure everything.

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