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  • Updated today to 2.4.3 and configured DynDNS with GoDaddy - works great, thanks to devs.

  • Andrew-

    I am hoping to set up DDNS with a GoDaddy hosted domain.  Is this what you did?


  • While it's technically not required that you register your domain with whoever is handling your DDNS, I'd say it's certainly common and easier to do so.

  • Sammy and Andrew-

    Thanks for the replies.  Since the DNS is being handled at GoDaddy I would like to use the PfSense included support for that service.  I am confused by pfSense dialog that requires both a host and domain entry as well as the API information required in order to complete.

    Can either of you provide some guidance?  I am sure its very simple but I cant seem to figure it out!


  • Dude, think like a child and don't be afraid to experiment until it works, nothing is gonna blow up promise.

    host-domain, the first line of instruction tells you:  myhost.dyndns.org, if you don't have a host just leave it blank.

    API from GoDaddy, u will have to get this from the GoDaddy, have you inquire? this is to identify you, 'cuz GoDaddy is not going to do anything until you identify yourself properly.

  • Almost everything is configured straight forward…

    On godaddy web site:

    • navigate to your DNS control panel and create a host (A-record) like 'myserver' with dummy IP (this is how I did, not sure that was mandatory)
    • go to https://developer.godaddy.com and create an API key/token

    On pfSense router:

    • add DynDNS provider of type "GoDaddy"
    • enter separately hostname and domain, i.e.  myserver            mydomain.com
    • enter API data, key and token (twice)
    • set TTL !

  • Sammy and Andrew-

    Thanks for both your replies.  Using info from both I was able to get it working properly.



  • I followed these instructions and it is not working. I'm running pfSense 2.4.4-p3. On the DDNS setup page in pfSense I used the API Key for the username and the Key's Secret for the password. Is this not correct? Any help is appreciated.

  • I found the problem. I set the TTL too low. The minimum TTL that GoDaddy allows is 600 seconds.

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