Securing a virtual environment with pfsense

  • Hello everybody, i'm a tunisian student and i'm working on a project that includes pfsense, i'm new here and i hope i can find a solution to my problem.
    I have created a virtual environment with vmware v14 pro, first VM for pfsense, a VM for LAN, a VM for DMZ and a VM for WAN, all my configurations are good and the IP addressing for the interfaces is good ( i can ping for one to another ).
    i have installed apache2 on the DMZ VM and i have created a site to test on it from the WAN VM, but the problem is that i can't connect to it from the WAN ( i can from the same VM of the DMZ where i installed apache2 ) the rules at pfsense are well defined, i have created a NAT forwarding port rule also, i can't find the source of the problem, why i can't enter to the DMZ web server from the WAN???

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