Multi Wan and Unbound plus PfBlockerNG

  • I just have achieved to have running VDSL / LTE Failover configuration. nearly…
    What's exactly missing is that DNS resolution is not working after the Failover scenario begins and the LTE modem is doing its work.

    Because of the beautiful PfBlockerNG i use unbound. There is neither actived forwarding to any DNS Resolver nor there are DNS Server set under System->General Setup.

    Could you please help me? What should i do, so that unbound can be used on both gateways?
    Or is it save to add a DNS Server for the LTE Gateway only in General Setup? (What happend is, that under Status->Interfaces the new DNS Server was shown for my VDSL WAN Interface :( )

    #thank you!

  • Okay, after reading and testing some stuff i could answer the question myself.
    I enabled forwarding in the unbound / Dns-Resolver settings and set up some dns server for each gateway in general setup.
    Then i set my LAN ip Address of the firewall as DNS Server for OpenVPN and Ipsec clients.

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