Well this pc work with pfsense

  • Lenovo tower Server - TS140
    Intel Core i3-4150 Processor (3.50 GHz)
    4.0GB RAM
    Integrated HD Graphic
    Intel Ethernet
    DVD Recordable
    500gb harddrive
    pci card Intel Ethernet

  • pFsense doesn't have an approved list of third party hardware, they sell their own, but it's widely known pFsense will install on generic PC wo much prob.  So prob yes.

  • It will work quite well actually. I'd skip that PCI NIC and get a PCIe NIC instead. You should be able to run GB with that so why hobble it with a PCI NIC?

  • Are you dedicating your TS140 to pfSense, or are you going to virtualize? Just asking because I have a TS140 with the i3-4130. If you plan on running something like ESXi so you can use your TS140 as a server and a router, you might want to upgrade the processor to a Xeon - the 4130 only has a total of 4 threads available. For my uses that just isn't enough oomph, so I upgraded to a E3-1275V3.

    Just something to consider if you will be doing more with your TS140 besides just routing packets.

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