Potential gotchas restoring from VM to RG-2440?

  • I've read that the firmware loaded on the RG is somewhat customized for the hardware (The firmware is only downloadable while active support exists):(https://www.netgate.com/docs/pfsense/sg-2440/reinstall-pfsense.html)

    I'm migrating from a vm version of pfsense over to a RG-2440.  To do so I've done a backup of the vm and have now just restored it to the RG-2440.

    Aside from the interface reassignments, has the restore wiped any of that customization done?

    What about the 4-port lan segment?  It looks like 2-4 of the ports aren't currently working like port 1 does.  I assume I'll need to create a lan group or bridge the interfaces somehow?

  • Netgate Administrator

    It may have uninstalled the factory default packages but those will be available to re-install in the package manager: AutoConfigBackup, aws-wizard, ipsec-profile-wizard and Netgate Coreboot update.

    The custom tuning options will not have been lost.

    The 4 ports on the SG-2440 are intended to be used as separate interfaces. If you need more ports on the LAN subnet it is better to use a switch in almost every way. However you can bridge the ports if necessary.


  • Thanks Stephenw10.

    I checked the packages and indeed all of those were not installed, except for AutoConfigBackup.

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