64share IPv6 with tethered iPhone

  • Hallo!

    I tethered my iPhone with Dual Stack connection to my pfSense 2.4.3. On WAN I use DHCP IPv4 and DHCPv6 IPv6. LAN Static IP IPv4 and Track Interface IPv6. My WAN Interface gets an IP, but my LAN Interface doesn't get one, only a Link Local.

    I think the problem is that I only get a /64 Prefix from my carrier (DTAG / T-Mobile):

    But yesterday the setup works perfect for some hours. The LAN interface showed up an IP from that prefix and also my clients get IP's within that prefix. Everything works fine. At the late evening it stopped working and only WAN get's an IPv6 adress.

    I also get the error: " RA with a lower CurHopLimit sent from fe80:3::1:1 on igb2 (current = 255, received = 64). Ignored." What does that mean?

    I don't know where I have to look to get the pfSense 64share working. Any ideas?

  • Right now I see in the logs```
    Apr 2 15:46:37 dhcp6c 35833 advertise contains NoPrefixAvail status
    Apr 2 15:46:37 dhcp6c 35833 Sending Solicit

    But why?
    Here's a short dump:

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