Watchdog timeouts

  • haven't updated for a few weeks, put on pfSense-Full-Update-2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA-20090120-1849.tgz, now i get all sorts of watchdog timeouts on my lan interface i can't even get back into the gui.
    update: i seem to be getting them mostly when i try to access the webgui, otherwise it seems to be working.
    another update: rolled back the a jan 13th snapshot and am running fine again.

  • ok, have been playing with this problem more yesterday when i put on the latest build.
    as far as i can determine, some time after jan 13, something weird happened with the dashboard in the builds.
    if i try to log into the web interface normally the dashboard usually doesn;t load and i get watchdog timeouts on the lan interface. if i bypass the dashboard by going to a different config page directly i can navigate around the webgui just fine as long as i avoid going to the dashboard.

  • anyone else using a device with realtek 8139C+ chipsets (re driver not rl) and what experiences have you had?
    also i understand 2.0 moved to fbsd 7.1 some time after jan 13th too, perhaps this is related.

  • yay, fixed on the post-hackathon builds i have used.

  • 99% of the time anyway.

  • This problem may be solved, but we need people to test.

    Please see,15669.0.html

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