On 2.3.4, Still says 2.4.1 Available, but 2.4.3 is out?

  • So I'm still on 2.3.4-Release and my Dashboard says 2.4.1 is Available - but its said that for a very long time already.
    I've been waiting for 2.4.1-P1 or something like that before upgrading, but now I see 2.4.3 is out (as was 2.4.2) some time ago.
    Is there something wrong with my Dashboard update checker…or...must I upgrade to 2.4.1 before moving to 2.4.3...or...can I go directly to 2.4.3? And should I?
    (Yes, I'll read the release notes, but just wondering if there are any unmentioned caveats)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Your system likely has an out-of-date version of the update scripts and such. If you go into your update settings, try setting it to the security/errata only branch, and then check for updates again and see what it shows.

    If you see 2.3.5 or 2.3.5-p1, then try switching back to the regular update setting and see what happens.

    Most likely it's just that the update metadata visible to 2.3.4 doesn't show 2.4.3 and when you upgrade, it will do the right thing.

  • Thank You!
    I will give that a try.

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