Latest update and RRD summary

  • I'm seeing an error with RRD Summary figures.

    I updated to the latest PFS version 2.4.3 on 31 March.  Prior to that the RRD summary package worked fine and as things are now the displayed historic figures appear correct.

    I re-booted on 31 March after the update and since then the dashboard widget says I used 643 MB download.  This will include download on the 31 March and 01 April.  Most of the 643Mb would have been in March.

    The ISP's download figure is that I downloaded 130Mb in April, knowing what I did the last couple of days this is probably correct.

    The RRD summary package says I downloaded 750Mb in April - yesterday it showed 630Mb - these figures appear to be wrong by some margin, the package was reliable prior to the PFSense upgrade.

    I removed and replaced the RRD package yesterday, this did not fix the error.

    Is anyone else seeing errors with RRD summary package,  if not something has happened to my install??  I would appreciate a couple of people confirming if the package is,  or is not,  working correctly for them.

    I can  re-install all of PFSense but obviously would like to first know if this will fix the problem.

    EDIT  The date format used for the start and end of the logged periods also appears somewhat inconsistent, although can be understood to show the month start and finish dates.



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