My first pfsense box

  • So I am ready to take the pfsense plunge.  What I am looking to do:

    • Very few VPN connections (only 1 or 2 at a time max)
    • Handle my 50-60Mbps FIOS connection
    • 2 LANS (without using switch VLANs)
    • Probably would not ever need to do any proxy serving but would be nice to have the option
    • Jumbo frames
    • Would like hardware that will probably still be able to run the latest pfsense in 2 years (yea I know this is a best guess)

    My current plans, after reading these forums a good bit look like I would be served well by:
    Soekris net5501
    2.5 SATA mount kit (I have a couple spare SATAs around so might as well)
    Intel Dual port Gigabit NIC

    Any comments or suggestions would be welcome, as I said this would be my first pfsense box.


  • Suggestion is to read the forums pertaining to your similar needs.  That's how I learned here - just dive in.

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  • As for your pc, pfsense does not take much, just make sure you use good nics. Intel nics will be fine, i have two 1GBs in mine (and a old 3com 100mb for wan)

    I beleve you just need to buy virtual center to use it.

    There is not much avantage to virtual center unless you have 2+ servers + SAN.

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