Backup and restore

  • To move to a cpu that supports AES-IN I am considering a hardware change.

    Specifically, this regards the use of a backup from a none AES-IN cpu hardware restoring to a "AES-IN" compatible cpu hardware. Let me explain, briefly, currently I am on a Intel cpu architecture hardware so, will the Intel hardware backup (an .XML image created by the backup module) restore to a(n) ARM based hardware (future) board?

    Or am I going to have to configure everything by hand because I changed to ARM?

  • The config.xml is just a list of settings.  You should be able to change the interfaces and then import it manually afterwards, or auto-import it during installation on the new hardware.

  • By "import manually afterwords" your meaning a traditional restore, DIAGNOSTICS >> "Backup & Restore" >> then "Restore backup" by "browse" to the *.xml stored file and restore?

  • Yup.

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