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  • i'm trying to setup the tftp server in pfsense, i tried to upload a file but nothing uploads

  • I am just starting to try this out as well.  With my limited experience; this is what I did to upload files to the "/tftpboot" directory:

    1. Ensure SSH was enabled [System] - [Advanced] - [Secure Shell Server] - "Enable Secure Shell" = Checked
    2. Used WinSCP (portable version):
    3. Connected via WinSCP (using "SCP" protocol)
    4. *** Note: I had to authenticate with "root"… Using any other account would deny me access to upload...

    I am still looking for any instructions (seems very hard to find) on how this is exactly done entirely on pfSense; but not having much luck.

    For now, I am afraid that I do not have enough knowledge to guide you further than this.

    Best of luck and please let me know if you get this working.

  • I managed to upload a text file through the web gui and managed to retrieve it with the tftp get command. I didn't manage to upload a extreme switch firmware through the web gui maybe there is a size restriction.

    You don't have to use winscp, anything that supports sftp should be fine, cyberduck and transmit (osx only) works fine for me.

    Uploading files to tftpboot directory did the trick…so there must be a file size limit in the web gui.

  • Agreed any suitable client should work.  Also, I think that there may be a 32MB size limit in the Web GUI (but don't quote me on it).

  • I do have the same problem here. While I managed to tweak PFsense so I can upload via gui a IOS-XE bin, now I discovered I'm not able to "put" files on the TFTP Server. This is very inconvenient. While you're on your router and trying to backup the startup conf on your tftp you'll not be able to do it. I'll dig more and come back.

  • Galactic Empire


    Try the following:-

    ssh onto your router

    cd into the tftp directory

    touch filename << where filename is the name of the file you want to write to

    chmod 777 filename

  • Hey @NogBadTheBad
    Does that mean I have to create a file and 777 for each file I want to upload ?
    That's not that convenient, right ?

  • Galactic Empire


    It works from the gui fine, just not from a command prompt using the tftp from the cli:-

    mac-pro:~ andy$ tftp
    tftp> put test.file
    Error code 256: File not found. << pre touching the file & chmod
    tftp> put test.file
    Sent 5242880 bytes in 19.2 seconds. << post touching the file & chmod

    It's been the same for years most Unix based tftp servers I've come across when transfering IOS images.

    I don't actually use tftp on my pfSense box and just installed it to see if permissions were the issue.

    Maybe @jimp has a better solution than me.

  • Thanks for your input @NogBadTheBad !!

  • In case someone comes here looking for solution via search engine continue here:

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