Status Queues Under-reading on 2.4.3

  • Am I the only one that's getting under-reading on queues status with 2.4.3?

    I'm uploading using Crashplan at around 12-13Mbps.

    WAN shows 1Mbps on queues status. Traffic Graph and pfTop show the correct bandwidth.

    Similar issue on the other interfaces too.

  • Keep in mind that the queue page shows traffic the interface is sending.
    So your WAN interface queue stats will reflect your outgoing traffic, not your incoming traffic.

    Does what you're seeing on the web page differ from what pftop -v queue -s1 shows you on the command line?

  • Yes, pftop shows the correct info, the queues status page doesn't. For example, I'm currently downloading via NZBget at 27 MB/s according to the NZBget UI. My LAN  qLow queue shows this as 25Mbps.

  • Here's 2 screens taken at exactly the same time (Ultra wide monitor, these are from a single screen capture)…

  • Bump.

    Anybody else experiencing this?

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