PFSense with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint or Tmobile LTE

  • I know its been discussed before, but has anyone been able to get a PFS box running on 2 or 3 different LTE carriers?

  • I have it running with 3 AT&T LTE in a load balance and failover setup. I set it up same as the guides online show. Not exactly what you were looking for but maybe I can help?

  • Netgate Administrator

    It should be no more difficult connecting to multiple carriers than one assuming you have hardware that will do it.

    You won't get LTE speeds unless your device present the connection as Ethernet. So either an entirely external device actually connected via Ethernet or a device that appears to the OS as a NIC, usually USB.

    Devices that appear as com port modem will not reach LTE speeds, you are limited by the PPP connection. However they also work 'best' with pfSense currently as removing a com port or losing the ppp is something it is configured to deal with. Removing a configured interface is not.


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