Local DNS requests not going through haproxy?

  • I think this is a DNS issue, but I'm not certain. Please advise, thanks!

    • I've got external subdomains/domains pointed at pfsense
    • Then using haproxy to offload https and apply wildcard cert
    • Then forward traffic to different backends depending on the subdomain/domain.

    It's working great for subdomains that have a public DNS record, but not internal ones.
    I've tried pure nat, and split dns with host overrides.

    I can access local domains using the dns resolver, but traffic isn't going through haproxy for a cert and to be sent to the right backend/port.
    I am using different subnets, but my firewall rules are allow all.

  • Why are you using hostoverrides? If haproxy listens on the wan-ip, and the domainname resolves to that wan-ip, then the request should be handled by haproxy..?
    And if your using different subnets for clients and servers, there is little that can stand in the way.. (Otherwise try and disable transparent-client-ip if you have that set on the backend..)

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