Failover, any way to get notified when a connection fails?

  • Now, I have to say I have to be impressed with pfsense failover capabilities, since I am running a 3 WAN setup with failover, and it has taken me THREE WEEKS to find out that one of the connections was dead. Since all traffic that was directed to one connection was just going out on another one, I did not notice at all that onbe of my connections died, and never came back.

    Which made me wonder, is there any way of geting notified when one connection is down for a given period of time? It would be great if I could get an email when one connection has been down for maybe more than a few hours. I do not remember anything like this on pfsense config/packages, but if some one can point me to a 3rd party method or an easy way to acomplish it, that would be great.


  • Either with external monitoring application / platform / script on a separate machine, or a script / tool installed through shell.

    There is no way to configure this through the GUI as of now, and I am not aware there are any packages with requested functionality.

    There is a bounty for a similar functionality,13679.0.html

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